How it started

A lot of times it so happens that someone has an idea in mind that remains an idea for a lot of time and gets triggered by some environmental stimuli so as to shape it up & become something meaningful.

The Vent also was just a conceptual idea by Ms. Shraddha Deo, who is a Psychologist from Pune with more than 9 years of experience in the field of Mental Health. She always had a concept of a listening center in mind but never really evolved beyond a thought until June 2020 when the entire world was suffering from a Pandemic and a lot of other events following the same. Ms. Shraddha was fortunate enough to get volunteers for this venture just after one FB post and then started a revolution. Her plan for the venture started to take shape because of the teamwork that was put in by each of the volunteers.

Ms. Vaidehi Barve who is a Legalconsultant and founder of a Due diligence company also was blown away by the idea and was willing to partner and take the venture ahead.

The Vent has been extremely fortunate to have a core team of some of the very active volunteers from various fields including psychology, law, design, IT, finance, medicine and so on right from day one and they are still a very important part of the initiative while we decide to give shape to this venture. We as a team aim to provide a different range of services related to mental health with the help of listeners, psychologists, psychiatrists, para-mental health professionals, and many more.