Our Mission

To reach out to every single person who is not able to express because of fear of being judged, lack of social support, absence of empathetic listeners and who feels better after being heard. Our mission is to build a platform for everyone to vent out which may essentially prevent a lot of mental health issues and unrest that arise out of choked up feelings, suppressed or unexpressed thoughts/emotions etc. We also envision this as a one stop shop for all your mental health needs.

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How it works

Just like in psychotherapy or counseling sessions, clients come and talk to the psychotherapist about his/her psychological issues; callers can reach out to The Vent to talk to our trained listeners who are unknown to them. The listeners in turn will actively, empathetically and compassionately listen to them without giving any advice, judgments and personal views.

In the process, there may be callers who would need professional help and they will then be referred by the listeners to the respective agencies and experts.All the services provided on The Vent are virtual- telephonic and video call based, so that you can sit at your comfortable place and take the help being offered, unless if you really to visit the experts in person. The telephonic services are based on internet calling so as to avoid network issues, per minute call charges and other problems that occur while we try to connect on our cellphone numbers. All the information is kept completely anonymous; the calls are not recorded to keep the conversations and consultations confidential. You just need to register, log in, pay as per the service selected and connect to our expert virtually. It’s that easy.